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Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe 2018 Enrichment Award


SRMT Home Improvement Program (HIP) Crew: (not in order) Courtney Armstrong (4 yrs.), Henry Arquette (13 yrs.), Ernie Cree (4 yrs.), Mike Cree (6 yrs.), Nikita Elijah (8 yrs.), Zach Herne (7 yrs.), Calvin Leaf (6 yrs.), and Tim Major (23 yrs.)

This group of Enrichment Award Winners provides a vital service to this community. Their work is exceptional and they are skilled in all areas of construction, proving their commitment in every job they do. Although you may not see them on a daily basis in an office, they are out in the community assisting members with much needed repairs to their homes.

They often endure difficult conditions, such as crawling under trailers to unthaw frozen water lines; and, in one case, had to remove dead rodents from a basement wall. Many people might refuse this type of work, but they don't complain. Our crew provides roof and other repairs in emergency situations. They install handles, ramps and other amenities to assist elders coming home from the hospital with mobility limitations. You can bet they have done anything from wheelchair ramps to mold remediation. They are also successful in building homes over the years to help our indigent and homeless members.

These are quiet men with big hearts who enjoy helping out anyone they can and don't seek recognition for it. The members of the Housing Improvement Program (HIP) work crew deserve our appreciation for their contributions in building safety, health and support for our elders and low-income families. If you see any of these gentlemen around, thank them for all the great work they do day-in and day-out, making our community a better and safer place to live.


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