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Heritage Week Tom Longboat–Billy Mills Run grade 7 winners. Girls: 1st Brooke Mitchell, 2nd Kahnonhihohsta Sharrow, 3rd Lisa Davis, 4th Lacey Edwards, 5th Lacey Pierce, 6th Tara Francis. Boys: 1st Daylin Logan, 2nd John Billings, 3rd Kevin Hemlock, 4th Deacon Hall, 5th Jason Thomas & Rocky Thompson, 6th Cody David. Year unknown.

Do you have any old photos that you’d like to share with our readers in Blast from the Past? Bring them in! Our offices are located on Hilltop Drive in the Communications Building. Stop letting your photos gather dust in the basement and bring them in for us! All photos are returned to their owner.

Heritage Week Tom Longboat–Billy Mills Run grade 8 winners. Girls: 1st Tia Thompson, 2nd Nicole Benedict, 3rd Danielle Smoke, 4th Chelsea Thompson, 5th Skasennio Shenandoah, 6th Elizabeth McDonald. Boys: 1st Joe Square, 2nd Bradley Davis, 3rd Adam Delormier, 4th Lucas Mitchell, 5th Brian Patterson, 6th Brandon Swamp. Year unknown.


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