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Thanking All Teachers For All They Do For Our Students

Teacher Appreciation Week May 6 - May 12


By Sesi King

Who would you credit for helping you take that path of positiveness and happiness as you glide through life? Someone must have inspired you in a way that gave you a life guide and wanted to do the same for others. Many times, most of us meet someone during our lives that without realizing it, has guided us to a path that we would like to be on. It could have been your parents, who are your first and primary teachers, until you blended into school and met new educators that would affect your life.

Every child is unique, they come into school with their own experiences and then teachers also nurture them every day. Each of us has good memories of our favourite teachers in addition to not-so-good memories. Here are some random responses given by various people about their reasons for choosing their favourite teachers.

Mr. John Dotte was a teacher who set his expectations high for his students in Biology and Chemistry. He required participation from his students. He also took the time to help his students when material wasn’t understood. DK

My favourite teacher of all time was Mrs. H. Collins in grade four at SRMS. She stressed the subject of English and also made it enjoyable. She was a very sweet teacher with white wavy hair. CS

Mr. Glenn Bissell was a very fair teacher and he taught us all the same. He was a fun teacher and good to us all. CM

Mr. Dufault enjoyed teaching us English and I remember our senior year, he really drilled the rules of English into us and showed us how to take it apart to know all its parts. SM

Mrs. Mahoney left us with good memories in grade three at SRM. She was so caring and warm and took her time with each of us. MS

Mrs. Barney is a teacher I remembered the most. She was very caring and helpful. HL

Mr. Geoffrion was a shorthand teacher and left me with good memories. He took his subject serious and explained everything well. CT

Alfreda Johnson was a grade 3/4 teacher at SRMS. She was very understanding and made the time needed for some students who took longer. She was very personable and didn’t mind helping students even on her lunch break. She taught students how to improve on their reading skills and to facilitate their learning and to enrich their curiosity. Her caring went beyond what she had to. KM

Mrs. Hunter was my teacher in grade 8. She encouraged me to work harder and always had only positive comments. I remember that she always found something good to say. She was my role model to become a teacher. AD

Mrs. Violi was a teacher I would thank for teaching me Math. She helped me understand it. JG

Mrs. Morrow was kind and understanding in grade one. AK

Mrs. Hunter was at SRMS in grade four and I remember how she would help us with our lessons. She was patient and understanding. SO

My favorite teacher was Mr. Crosby at SRC. He taught Social Studies and History and was such a good teacher. When he went away during summer months to Africa, I was really happy and surprised that I received a post card from him from Africa. That really made me feel special. JS

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Hall. She would let us brush her hair and fix it. She would always ask us about our day. TF

My favorite teacher was the late Theresa LaFrance in our combined grade 3 and 4 class. She was the kindest teacher I ever had. LK

Mrs. Harvey was a teacher with a lot of class. She treated us like young adults, not like children she had to put up with. I just think she was a good role model, not only as a teacher, but as a strong intelligent woman. LH

Mr. Glenn Bissell is the only teacher that comes to mind. He taught Business Math and many times, used real life situations. He taught us real life in the world. He was also funny and told us many stories. When I was getting married, I remember he delivered a wedding card to my mothers and I remember that was so thoughtful. CC


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