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Resolution #2000/2001 # 389 states the following conditions: Prior to turning a debt over to a collection agency, the community is duly informed at least 31 days in advance, by way of public notice of the outstanding account. A name list is published, identifying the debtors affected. A Mohawk Council of Akwesasne contact name and telephone number is identified to allow debtors to make inquiries to pay their debt or arrange payment plans.

The Housing Authority is now in the process of preparing a Mohawk Council resolution to begin repossessions on some of these mortgages.

The Mohawk Council Housing Department, 613-575-2250 ext. 2302, has issued final notices to the following people regarding their rental arrears or housing loans:

Adams, Christopher

Adams, Rita

Angus, Paul

Arney, Serina

Arquette, Lola

Bay, Margaret

Benedict, Michael A. (Coyote)

Buckshot, Drew & Billy Lazore

Cook, Hank

Cook, Leon

Cook, Sonia

Cook, Tiffany

Curotte, Roy

David, Cassie

David, Danny & Erin Rourke

David, Konwasennawi

David, Richard

Delormier, Alex

Delormier, Amos

Delormier, Antoine Jr.

Delormier, Margaret Thompson

Francis, Dawn

General, Deanna

George, Barbara

Gibson, Dana

Gray, Helen

Jackson, Deanne

Jackson, Gerald

Jackson, June

Jacobs, Christina

Jacobs, Helena

Jacobs, Janet

Jacobs, Joseph

Jacobs, Katrina

Jacobs, Kelly

Jacobs, Louis

Johnson, Patrick

King, Darlene

King, Mose

King, Natasha

LaFrance, Anthony Jr.

LaFrance, Michael

Laughing, Oakes Deanna

Lazore, Crystal

Lazore, Dan

Lazore, Gerald

Lazore, Harriet

Lazore, Joanne & Rena

Lazore Jonathan

Lazore, Shannon

Leaf, Debra

Leaf, Joseph

Leaf, Joshua

Leaf, Leslie

Logan, Jodanna

McDonald, Jerome

Mitchell, Jimmy

Mitchell, Marion

Mitchell, MaryAnn

Montour, Wendy

Oakes, Candace

Oakes, James

Oakes, Kathy

Oakes, Kyle

Oakes, Leonard

Oakes, Raymond

Papineau, Tanya / Steve Hopps

Peters, Patricia

Point, Tina

Ransom, Rick

Roundpoint, Ben & Rachel

Sharrow, Davanna / Stacey Boots

Skidders, Tricia

Smoke, Veronica

Strable, Priscilla Thompson

Square, Randy

Square, Troy

Sunday, Charlie

Sunday, Corey

Sunday, Nicholas

Sunday, Steve

Sunday, Tyler

Tarbell, Dawn

Tarbell, Rhonda

Terrance, Jarrod

Thomas, Alanna

Thomas, Arlene

Thomas, Eileen

Thomas, Kasey

Thomas, Robert

Thomas, Yolanda

Thompson, Alex

Thompson, Chelsea

Thompson, Ernest

Thompson, Karen / Louis Francis

Thompson, Joey

Thompson, Patricia

Thompson, Richard

Thompson, Roger

Thompson, Stephanie

Thompson, Tracey

Willie, Virginia (Tammy Bonaparte)

White, Brian

White, Charlene


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