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Annual Teal to Heal Sexual Assault Awareness Walk Held at Generations Park


The Three Sisters Program was generous with the door prizes given throughout the event. Carol Jacobs runs through the list of prizes.

On Friday, April 27 the second annual Teal to Heal Sexual Assault Awareness Walk was held at the Generations Park Tewatahita Walking Trail. The event began at 11:00 am with signups at the beginning of the walk. The Three Sisters Program sponsored and organized the event. The Seven Dancers Coalition also had a booth set up during the walk. Everyone was able to sign up and receive an answer card. If they decided to answer the 10 questions along the trail, they were entered to win a prize at the end of the event. There were ten trivia questions set up along the Tewatahita Walking Trail, all pertaining to the education of sexual assault and Native American Women. The main idea was to educate all ages of what sexual assault is, and how and when it can happen.

Event organizers from the Three Sisters Program gather for a group photo (L to R) Jenny Terrance, Ryan King and Vicki Wood.

There was a good turnout. Thanks to the nice weather, people were able to come out and enjoy the event. There were plenty of prizes to be won during the event, whether it be by just finishing the walk or picking a lucky ticket at the Seven Dancers Coalition booth. The main objective of the walk is to get the community to "Embrace Your Voice and Use it to Support Survivors".

Sexual assault is a very big problem on First Nation reservations and territories both in the United States and Canada. One way to address the problem is if you "See Something, Say Something". Many community members are not aware of the programs that are here to help survivors. The Three Sisters Program and the Seven Dancers Coalition are two very important programs here in Akwesasne with the proper resources to address this.

The event was a success when it came to teaching young people about the difference between consent and sexual assault. It definitely opened up a dialogue between parents and their children that may not have come up any other way.


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