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A Tribute to Nurses

National Nurses Day is May 6th


Nurses are so valuable to our community. Compassionate, caring and very important to each of us. Remember to thank them today and everyday for their dedication for keeping us healthy and aware of our needs.


Community Health Program

Nursing Staff

Lesley Bero, RN

Diane King, RN

Amanda Garrow, RN

Karole Mitchell, RN

Tasha Thompson, RN

April Terrance, RN

Don Lucas, RN

Janet Mitchell-Tatro, RN

Natalie Levac, RN

Laura Murray, RN

Wholistic Health and Wellness

Program Nursing Staff

Akwesasne Medical Clinic

Sandra Thompson, LPN

Dawn King, RPN/LPN

Kawehnoke Medical Clinic

Loretta Smoke, RPN

Anna Thompson, RPN

Tsiionkwanonhsote Medical Clinic

Lannie Mitchell, RN

Alana Green, RPN

Monica Papineau, RPN

Christine Francis, RN

Home Support

Kellie Jacobs, RN

Mark Terrance, RN

Mona Thompson, RN

Missy White, RN

April White, RN

Michelle Sawatis, RPN

Pauline Thompson, RPN


Janice Swamp Sharrow, RN

Robin Barnes, RN

Eileen Montour, LPN

Kawennahawi Nelson, LPN

Joanne Compeau, LPN

Vicki Irving, LPN

Marriette Richer, LPN


Evelyn Brunet, RN

Patrick Swenson, RN

Stephanie Sequin, RN

Anna Lisa Benedict, RN

Tina Benedict, RN

Cathy Rizzo, RN

Julia DiGennaro, RN

Asia Arquette, RPN

MaryAnn Francis, RPN

Marlene Diabo-Logan, RPN

Allyson Gagne, RPN

Robin Maracle, RPN

Traditional Medicine Program

Sarah Thompson

St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Health


Outreach Department Chronic Care Nursing

Louise Ingle, LPN

Helen Lazore, LPN

Diane LaRock, LPN

Lacey Peters, RN

Nancy LaBarge, RN

Madelayne Brown, RN

Rita Saumier, RN

Rebecca Lauber, RN

Theresa Gardner, FNP

Medical Clinic

Sharon Jackson, LPN

Diane Bush, LPN

Erica LeGrow, LPN

Antoinette Bigtree, RN

Elan Conger, RN

Jesalynn Hayes, RN

Xochitl Uribe-Rios, RN

Verda Lyons, RN

Alice Hyde Hospital – Malone, NY

Leanne King, RN

Michelle Brown, RN

Pam McDonald Lachance, RN


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