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Help Cornell University Track Black Bear Population


Citizen science, sometimes referred to as crowd-sourced or networked science, is the involvement of the public in scientific research. The goal of the project called iSeeMammals is to ascertain just how many black bears are out there, where they are, and why they’re moving into new areas. The project may also help researchers better-evaluate black bear survival and reproductive rates.

The iSeeMammals app enables participants (landowners, hikers, campers, naturalists, hunters; and literally anyone with a smartphone or internet access) to collect and submit information about bear sightings or signs that indicate the presence of bears (tracks, scat, hair, markings). The data collected through iSeeMammals will be used in combination with data from summer field research and the fall hunting season (hunting is a primary tool of the NYSDEC for managing bears) to generate more precise and accurate estimates of bear population size, growth, and distribution than could be determined through any single method.

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