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Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School Awards


Student of the Month for Early Years. L-R: Joshua White, Kanerahtine Boots-Tatlock, Logan Murray and Joey Tarbell. Photo: Derrick Lafrance.

The monthly awards ceremony for March was held last Friday at the Kawehno:ke School and hardworking students got their due.

The character trait of the month was Pride.

The regular First Class seating section was sponsored by Garden Greens Organics. This is where students brought tickets for the right to sit off to the side and watch the proceedings as if they were in an airplane. Physical Education teacher Mr. Chevrier acted as flight attendant directing the students to their seats. Each student got goodies from Garden Greens Organics located at the Peace Tree Trade Center.

To switch it up, more members of the student council read off and presented the different awards to the deserving students.

A reading campaign had each class reading about a different country and a raffle will be held for a few bicycles which were on display in the gymnasium.

There are roughly ten weeks of school left in the year and all students are to be congratulated for their effort and determination.


Middle School

Donovan Mitchell

Nikononnya:a Green

Ava Mitchell

Corlyn Atkins

Elgin David

Iakotahitakeh Hall-Square

Emberly Herne

Stanton Ingle

Tanakehrahne Kirby

Makayla Point

Iehontsioni Sharrow-Hall

Drea Adams

Bo Emree-David

Rariwaien McDonald

Kyra Benedict-Sylvester

Jersey Jacobs

Paris Thomas

Ella Benedict-Sylvester

Keegan Delormier

Summer Hemlock

Primary/Junior Perfect Attendance

Quara Lee Thomas

Philip David-Point

Keinen Delormier

Kayden Thompson

Clyden Cook

Dominik Fountaine

Thahakahteh Thompson

Kingston Leaf

Kenzi Philips

Joshua White

Kora Square

Clayton Barnes

Kassadi Oakes

Ianaweiahotha Horn-David

Kyden Thompson

Daniel David-Point

Kiersten Lazore-Leaf

Primary Junior Grades

Jordan Lazore

Brandon Lazore

Shayna Lazore-Thompson 4 months

Harvest Farrell

Isyse Papineau 4 months

Kash Edwards

Brycelyn Thompson 7 months

Lexis Delormier

Aubrey Gray-Benedict

Cason Cook

Peyton Peters 4 months

Brooklyn Benedict 4 months

Kashtin Oakes 4 months

Thalia Bush 3 months

James Papineau 3 months

Early Years class with the Highest Attendance percentage: Head Start #1. Photo: Derrick Lafrance.

Kaydon Point 3 months

Ryder Genereau-David 3 months

Dayton Point 5 months

Tehanenons Sharrow-Delormier 3 months

Korvin Edwards 6 months

Alivia David 5 months

Rhianna Thomas

Colten Edwards 3 months

Emery Thomas-George 5 months

Xander Jacobs 4 months


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