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Entewatatha:wi (Nation Building) Staff


Peter Garrow, Manager/Coordinator

· As the Manager/Coordinator of Entewatatha:wi, I am responsible for the development of self- government agreements that define a new government-to-government relationship with Canada. These agreements will be ratified by Akwesasronon and by Canada's Parliament and will establish increased jurisdiction and authority for Mohawk Council of Akwesasne in the delivery of programs and services to its citizens.

Sawentanon Skidders, Policy Analyst

· My title is a legal policy analyst that assists in reviewing legal documents as it relates to the self-government agreements to establish more jurisdiction and authority to Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. I also act as the chairperson for the Akwesasne Governance Code that will become MCA's formal system of government that set in place laws, regulations and policies that are accountable and transparent to the community. I also make great coffee.

Rachel Lazare, Policy Analyst

· As the Policy Analyst for Entewatatha:wi, I am responsible for supporting the Entewatatha:wi Manager/Coordinator in the development, negotiation and implementation of our self-government agreements. I am the chair of the Land Code Task Force and the Land Law Working Group. The Land Code Task Force is comprised of portfolio Chiefs, elders, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne technicians and Entewatatha:wi staff. We are in the process of drafting the Akwesasronon Onkwenwhentsia'shon:a (Land Code) that will set out the principles for Akwesasne Lands management. The Land Law Working Group is developing the Land Law that will set out the rules and administrative structures to protect the interests in Akwesasne Lands. Both these documents will complement each other and will be presented to the community when the drafts are complete. I also write proposals, manage other working tables, conduct research, review policies, draft policies, laws, and codes.

Erin Cole, Policy Analyst (Communications)

· I am responsible for the communications component for Entewatatha:wi. My responsibility is to create and develop ways to inform the community of Akwesasne on the 'Self-Governing Process' through publications, community presentation, family sessions, social media, Newspaper, radio, etc. I am also the chairperson for Entewatatha:wi Advisory Committee, which involves members from the community. The purpose of the committee is to advise and assist Entewatatha:wi with the 'Self-Governing Process'.

Cheavee Willie, Administrative Assistant

· As the Administrative Assistant, I provide various kinds of administrative support to the manager and staff.

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