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Today, April 5, 2018, Dana Cook-Hart would have celebrated her birthday. We would have laughed and teased about the days when we were transferred from the Mohawk School to Salmon River and placed in Mrs. Buchanan’s fifth grade class, and all of the times that we can remember where we had just a good time. In fifth grade I never thought that Dana would later become my sister-in-law.

Last year as a family we wanted to do something, but the only thing that we could think of was a fundraiser to send good thoughts and prayers Dana’s way. We had a grand time figuring out how to get the lanterns lit, how to keep them lit and how to keep them in the air. We truly could feel the strength from friends and family while we lit and released the lanterns. When Dana was told about our efforts, she laughed and was amazed at all the support she had.

Shortly after that day Dana passed. We didn’t reach out to thank you during our time of mourning but knew in our hearts that we needed to do so. We now want to express how much it meant to us that you took the time to say a few words of comfort, participated in a fundraiser, asked how we were doing, dropped off a dish to eat or even just a look of understanding; we want you to know how very much appreciated it was. Therefore, to thank everyone who helped in our effort to comfort Dana in her last days with us, we released a second set of Chinese lanterns honoring the people who supported us.

With so many families experiencing the same kind of loss, we wanted to take April 5th, Dana’s birthday, to do what Dana would have wanted us to do. CELEBRATE the time we had with her, the laughs we shared, and the moments that we could tease her about. We THOUGHT we had more time with her, and now we know you never know what life has in store for you. Enjoy, celebrate and live life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Today, April 5th, with heartfelt memories of Dana, we will be releasing another set of lanterns asking for prayers for all who participated in our efforts. The lanterns will be released at the river in front of Mike and Charlene Thomas’ house at 7:00 in the evening. All are welcome to come and share a memory and Celebrate Dana’s life. The following are the people the Hart family and the Cook family would like to THANK for purchasing lanterns, and the list of people who are being remembered:

·Tracey Thompson for Gloria and Landon

·Char Cook and Family for Landon Day

·Angie Thompson for Gloria and Landon

·Char Cook and Family for John A. Cook

·Michele Meyer for Dana Hart

·Jennifer Cornfield for Aunt Dana

·Angie for Stanley and Stella

·Angie for Ted and Sophia

·Travis and Claudia Cook for Wes Cook

·Jaye Cook for Dana Hart

·Dylan Cook for Anthony Smith

·Cyndi for Dana

·Travis Cook for Paul Jonizutz

·Darlene Chubb for Dana

·Tracie Fuller for Dana

·Hilda Herne for Dana

·Wanda and Ron Fuller for Dana (2)

·Rhea Anderson, Florabel Anderson, and Sabastian for Harriet Herne

·Rhea Anderson for Dana

·Carole Ross for all our relatives past, present and future

·Butch and Colleen Leaf for Dana

·Michael Conners for Louis and Nora Jacobs

·Tina Sunday for Nora Jacobs

·Nancy and Artie Jacobs for Dana

·Rudy Hart for Dana

·Margaret Thomas-Jock for Dana

·Fabian and Gail Hart for Rudy and Louise Hart

·Dianne Herne for William (Lawrence) and Dolores Herne, and Conway Herne

·John and Mae Tarbell for Dana

·Jonathan Garrow for Allan Garrow

·Harold Lauzon for Dana

·Donna Herne for William (Lawrence) and Dolores Herne

·Wayne Cook for Dana

·Wayne Cook for Jake Cook

·Brenda and Alvin Black for the Gardners

·Chucky and Noni Tarbell for Dana

·Agnes Cook for her daughter Dana

·Rodney Herne for Lawrence and Dolores Herne/Conway Herne

·Gail Rourke for Jason White, Joseph Rourke, Sose Papineau and Marita Francis


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