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Snye's Got Talent


Students who stepped in to help with the beat during the Round Dance. Photo: Derrick Lafrance.

Singers, comedians, dancers and karate experts.

They all took the stage last week for a Talent Show at Tsi Snaihne School as part of Aboriginal Language day. As part of the day the school also held a Social.

The school's Student Council organized the Talent Show, which drew a full house, and those same students served as stagehands.

Brynlee Roundpoint did "Kill Them With Kindness" by Selena Gomez. She has performed before, but this was her first time in front of an audience this large. She admitted she was nervous but she pulled it off.

"I sang at school and at Iohahiio. They were just doing a Karaoke thing," said Roundpoint.

Some of the performers sang in duos and solos such as Theresa Bush. She belted out "Believer" by Imagine Dragons by herself, and teamed with Javen Johnson and Jayla Keysis for "Thunder," also by Imagine Dragons. She preferred the solo act because of the unfamiliarity with the material with her partners.

"It was harder because my friends were louder than me, and I didn't know that song very well," she said. She was happy with her solo effort. "I did somewhat good," she said.

Keysis did double duty as part of this trio and went on her own telling jokes later with Gracie Thompson. She was confident in her performance and had no attack of nerves. She showed the swagger that is the stuff of an entertainer.

"I did great, I regret nothing," said Keysis.

Most of the performers were admittedly nervous but fought through the butterflies in their stomach and nailed it. This was the case with Victoria Philips who did a cover of Moanna's "How Far Will I Have To Go," who was nervous but did everything she practiced on.

Some of the entertainers were old pros already singing before big audiences. Such was the case with Orahkwinon Thompson as she did "These Girls" by Why Don't We. Despite the previous experiences she still had some jitters.

"I had butterflies in my stomach, last year (singing) and I danced the year before that," said Thompson.

For other performers it was a piece of cake on stage but waiting for their moment was nerve wracking. Stormy Casey went through this in his Ed Sheehan song "Perfect." He admitted to being nervous while waiting in the wings but once on stage he gave a flawless performance with no nerves at all.

The Snye School talent show was not the first time some of the students took to the stage – although it was the first time they tried a new routine. Sophia Angus was a stage veteran, performing in other venues in the past, but this year was new. Angus was teamed up with London Lazore dancing to Bruno Mars' "Finesse." They had been practicing together for a few weeks. In front of a big audience prior she sang, but this was her first dance. It was also a first time in front of a crowd for Gracie Thompson as she performed "Just So You Know" by Black Light District with Roman Cook. Thompson's previous experience was dancing at her house for family. Cook has been on stage a few times before and was not nervous.

The final act of the day was a Numchucks display by Roweniente Sunday. His exhibition left the crowd wild. He sometimes carries these sticks wherever he goes, so his practicing paid off with a flawless performance.

Performers waiting for the Talent Show to start while in the staging area. Photo: Derrick Lafrance.

Other performers at the Snye School show were Naomi Jacobs and Secoyah Lazore singing "How Far Will I Have To Go" by Moanna; Audriana Terrance and Jesika Philips singing "Lost Boys"; Ienienhatanawentha Sharrow sang "Nothing Holding Me Back" by Shawn Mendes; Frankie Laughing sang "House Of Gold" also by Shawn Mendes; Ocean Lazore, Christi Thompson and Kayzia Thompson teamed up for the Chipits song "All The Single Ladies" and Kaheritakhe Mitchell with partner Iehatiio Thompson covered "Thunder" by the Imagine Dragons. In the stand up comedian line-up were Jay Montour, Jordan Philips, Xavier Oakes, Kanawhiio Green, Kobe Cuillerier and Avy Philips.

After the show a Social was held. Ryan Hill was the MC and he explained the different dances and their traditional significance. He brought along with him a collection of rattles, and students were invited to sit in and play along with the dancers. The students were enthusiastic about dancing but were all looking forward to the Duck Dance – a very popular one for the school crowd. They participated in the Quiver Dance and Round Dance before they got to their Duck Dance, which they all enjoyed. All in all, it was a very fine presentation from the Tsi Snaihne School to help celebrate our culture and the talent of our youth.


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