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Two Day Workshop with KASP


KASP before the seminar looking over some notes.

For the days of March 28th and March 29th, renowned Hip-Hop artist and motivational speaker KASP Sawan is holding a workshop about empowering yourself and exercises in building confidence. This event is being held by Wholistic Health who arranged for the event to be held in the Mohawk Casino Winter Ball Room, with food provided by the Casino staff. The two days were run by KASP to help build confidence in our youth and to tell his story through how he was abused, stuck in foster care, and how he found his way out through a supportive figure and music.

He shares his story in order to give those who also have similar traumas to inspire and to give hope that one does not need to be stuck in what is considered a "comfort zone." KASP's speech was focused on giving his teaching context to where he learned his lessons from life experience. As well, he hoped to interact with youth to see what changes happen within them, especially after hearing his story and participating in activities he had planned.

This being KASP's first time in Akwesasne, he said that the territory was beautiful,

"You don't see a lot of places that are in like two countries. I adore that and it adds to Akwesasne's beauty. I hope to come back someday, and maybe perform."

He also expressed interest in going to other Mohawk territories like Oka or Kahnawake. His main advice to anyone who comes to his events is the importance of self-care. "It's important to understand that self-care is important to one's development as a person. Something I hope everyone gets from this workshop."

With that, he expresses interest in continuing to work with the Youth of Akwesasne as well other youth across Canada.


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