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Game Night: A Hit or Miss Comedy Adventure


This weekend I went to go see Game Night and it was pretty okay. Now that isn't to say it's bad, I did laugh more than I didn't and I did enjoy some aspects of this movie. However, there were some parts and running gags that got on my nerves fairly quickly as well as some jokes that didn't quite land leaving me just feeling awkward and maybe a little uncomfortable.

In a strange way, I did kinda like this movie and I'm not upset that I saw it, but it's not a movie I would be clamoring to see again anytime soon. There were some fairly interesting shots and the action scenes were well filmed, Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams as the two main leads were fantastic and their chemistry was spot on. When watching them you can tell their characters really did care and love one another with a very compatible competitive nature of the characters themselves.

As I said, this movie stars Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams as Max and Annie, a married couple with a shared love of competition. When Max's brother, Brooks, comes to visit he invites the couple and their friends to a murder mystery party. Unfortunately, an actual kidnapping happens and Brooks is taken as the rest of the party believe it's all part of the game. Quickly they realize that this isn't part of the game and are thrown into a game that none of them were expecting or were prepared for.

Overall while the movie is neither great nor terrible, it was a hit or miss film with admirably more hits than misses. If you are someone who enjoyed films like Horrible Bosses (which was directed by the same duo) then this film will be just right for you. And I would give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

★★★½ out of 5 stars.


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