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Different Ideas Discussed in Dundee Land Claim Session


Lacey Herne (L), Phillip White-Cree and Cheyenne Lazore (R) Researchers at the Aboriginal Rights & Research Office at the presentation of Tsikaristisere/Dundee Land Claim.

Kana:takon - Within the last 50 years, the people of Akwesasne have been trying to negotiate terms with the Government of Canada about the Tsikaristisere/Dundee land. On February 26 of this month, an educational session had been called to discuss the future of the Dundee land purchase and where to go from there. The panel was led by the Aboriginal Rights and Research Office to explain the history of the Dundee land and the terms of the Dundee Claim.

During the presentation, ARRO researcher Phillip White-Cree talked about the history of the Dundee lands and how the settlement may be made for $2.5 million. During the discussion he opened up the floor to talk about the different options that would be present during this referendum. Topics that were brought up included: what to use the money for, how to go about buying the land, as well as giving certain lands to members of Akwesasne first, if bought.

However as White-Cree brought up, a referendum will be coming up later this year and he encouraged everyone to vote when it opens. That being, his main goal is to start raising awareness about the claims as well as prepare to vote about the claim, whether to take or accept the offer. He encouraged members of Akwesasne to research the land claims as well as contacting himself and other researchers at the Aboriginal Rights and Research Office for detailed information.

Phillip White-Cree can be contacted at

Aboriginal Rights and Research Office: Phone (613) 575-2348 and Fax (613) 575-2884.


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