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What kind of dog is the most dangerous?



By Jennifer Herne, LVT

You might be thinking that my question is asking what breed of dog is most dangerous, but I'm not. I am asking about something else, it is behavior. The most dangerous dog of them all is probably an untrained dog. An untrained dog has no rules or guidelines, so they also have no "right" or "wrong." It is this type of dog that is probably the most capable of causing accidental or purposeful harm to humans or other animals. This is because they are lacking in impulse control, which can lead to fights with other dogs, aggression towards humans or attacks on other animals. Although these behavioral issues can be tough to manage, it is never too late to start a training program.

Ideally, you should start training your puppy at 6 weeks of age. YES, that young. A 6-week-old puppy is like a sponge trying to soak up all the training that they can. You should seek professional help by enrolling in a Puppy Start Right class. Although you may think a class such as this is costly, the benefits are totally worth it. In the end you will have a well behaved and socialized dog with your guidance that you can trust with your family. We can help you find a class, just give us a call.


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