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As one of the coaches of the Akwesasne Midget Storm-Team One Lacrosse Team, I’d like to announce myself and my team’s deep appreciation for all the support and financial assistance given us by the People of Akwesasne.

After recognizing the ability and the potential of the players of our team, we aimed for “Midget-A status.” We reached that goal and competed on a provincial level for the “A” level in lacrosse championship. At this juncture of competition, we needed additional help; in addition to what the proud parents and minor league association had risen in funds.

The team of nineteen players and coaches traveled to Whitby, Ontario, for two weekends of qualifiers. After the second competition, we didn’t reach the championship games.

The experience that the nineteen players and their families of Akwesasne acquired during this important competition will never be forgotten. The Akwesasne Midget Storm-Team One reached “A” level status, which hasn’t been reached for a few years. To reach “A” level is like one level below “Pro”. These young men and their families gave up their time and weekends to play the Creator’s Game and reached the top level of lacrosse in their division.

The pride that I, and the Akwesasne Families, have in our team, namely each and every player, is being passed on to the Community and Governments of Akwesasne. Thank you for allowing us to represent you and Niawen for all the support, financial and otherwise, throughout the lacrosse season.

Special acknowledgement and recognition is extended, along with a great big “THANK YOU’’ to the Akwesasne Convenience Store Association and all the businesses who contribute to the ACSA for the huge financial support we needed to compete at the provincial level.


Troy Lyons

Coach, Akwesasne Midget Storm-Team One


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