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Go, Go, Go


We had another weekend filled with kids and silly conversations. Friday night my little niece came over and filled our home with all her fabulous girly talk. I took the boys and her to the movies that night and she did not stop talking the entire ride up to Massena or back. During the movie she kept us giggling with her comments, “Ohh wait until u see this!” or “You’re not going to believe it!” because she had already watched the movie Monsters Inc. She was just so excited to have us see her favorite parts and was trying so hard to hold in all the spoiling information and not ruin it for us. Half of the time we laughed more at how cute she was than the movie itself. That night Little Brother and her made beds in the living room, as is their customary sleepover routine and slept. A few minutes before six in the morning I heard their little feet. They were already up and playing. After a long breakfast and a few games of tag, my niece went home.

The boys and I had lunch and then we were hitting the road for Plattsburgh. Little Brother’s best buddy was coming with us and we picked him up on our way out of town. The boys talked most of the ride until we heard giggling. Little Brother had fallen asleep and was using his buddy as a human pillow. It was funny and adorable. His friend said, “You can lean on me man.” Little brother didn’t hear that because he was out cold, but I did and once again I was grateful that my youngest had found such a nice friend. We shopped at the mall and went out to eat at this giant Chinese Buffet place before heading home. Little Brother’s buddy ended up sleeping over and Little Brother was just in his glory. It was his friend at his house and he couldn’t be happier. They built forts and played a series of adventure type games. There was pirates, zombie slayers, find the puppy, hide from the giant, and my favorite miners. For each game they used their imaginations to make up rules and fight invisible enemies that they both seemed to see together. Through each heroic episode they had each other’s backs. Every time I chuckled they would shoot a glare my way. As if any noise on my part was breaking their concentration needed for such intense missions.

Sunday morning the three boys woke up with a ton of energy and begged to go to the park. They chose the playground at Mohawk school. We played there until lunchtime. We finally said goodbye to Little Brother’s best friend and made our way back home. Little Brother’s lip hung low most of the way. I had a few hours of quiet while the boys played, running in and out of the house. As I lay there planning the workweek I thought, sometimes Sunday afternoon comes way too fast when you and your little ones just go, go, go.


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