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By Ian Oakes 

Massena Memorial Hospital Medical Office Building Grand Opening


The new medical office building is located across from Massena Memorial Hospital.

The Massena Memorial Hospital Medical Office Building is now open. Having received approval from the FDA to operate, and phase one complete, the 20,400 sq. ft. building will be housing several providers – 16 when completed.

As it stands, the ground level is completed, and the 10,200 sq. ft. of the bottom level have yet to be finished. The facility was around 2 years in the planning stage and 1 year to complete phase 1 of the construction, according to Charles Fahd, Chief Operating Officer of Massena Memorial Hospital.

So far, 3.9 million dollars have been spent, and that is only for phase one. The unfinished lower level will require significantly more money to finish. The board of managers put strategic effort into the planning and construction of the new office building. The facility was constructed to recruit new physicians and retain existing ones. There will also be more specialists joining the hospital when completed.

The significance of this facility to Akwesasne is “Access, Access, Access,” Fahd said.

The interior of the building is modern and inviting, with a high ceiling and lots of natural light which cuts on energy costs.

“We have a significant number of patients from Akwesasne. Those patients who are utilizing our dialysis facility are all going to need primary care physicians and specialists at some point in time, and they will have access to this building.”

Fahd went on to talk about the long-standing relationship with the medical clinic in Akwesasne, and the need for another OB/GYN practitioner, which they will be looking to recruit at the new facility, shortly.

Fahd added, “We would also like to continue our affiliation with the Center of Excellence. We have been involved in that process right along, and we participated in many of their fundraising efforts. We are going to continue providing dialysis services to patients and it wouldn’t surprise me if our current nephrologist decided to move over to this building as well.”


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