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Best Friend Boys


This week Big Brother has taken on a sweet mentoring role with Little Brother. They are hanging out every waking moment except when they are in school. In the morning Big Brother has taken pride in saying, “Come on I’ll help you”, to Little Brother in matters such as brushing his teeth or looking for a lost toy. I’m still on hand in there but I love that Big Brother offers. I never wanted either of my kids to feel responsible for the other and it is nice to see how their relationship has evolved into what it is lately. Little Brother has always said Big Brother is his best friend and would be so sad when he’d get left out of activities that were for Big Brother and his friends. Now it is Big Brother who includes him and his friends will follow suit. How lucky can Little Brother get, not only does his big bro actually want him around, he gets automatic friends just by being around. Before Little Brother was the tail and Big Brother would desperately try to get away from him. I can’t scold one without the other getting into the middle of it and being mad at me. I have to try not to laugh and hold onto my serious face because it is just cute. I didn’t think they would get so close at this age. I mean they are four years apart, in kid’s years that is huge. Big Brother will smuggle gogurts (tube of yogurt) out of the kitchen to his room so Little Brother can have more than just one. Little Brother hates chocolate and accepts it from anyone only to give it to his Big Brother who loves it. They are starting to think of each other and I admire their consideration. Big Brother isn’t a mean kid but if there is a kid picking on Little Brother it lights a fire in that boy. They now have favorite cartoons in common; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is reigning king over all the other shows. They both like to play cars and have somehow, after a year of fighting, organized a way to tell each other’s apart. That means I lost my referee job. I’m not complaining! There hasn’t been any fighting and I’ve spent the last week waiting for some giant crisis between them to arise, but as of today I am still waiting. Could it be that my kids have finally become best friend boys?


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