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Akwesasne Well Represented at the Little NHL


Tyke Wolves, A Division Champs with the Little NHL Cup.

The Akwesasne Minor Hockey Association would like to congratulate all the players and their parents for their hard work and dedication who shared the honor of representing Akwesasne at the 42nd Little NHL. Seven teams from Akwesasne travelled to Mississauga Ontario and competed against 125 other teams the largest Little NHL to date.

The skill and strength of each team and hockey family was amazing as friendships were built and renewed, and sportsmanship was witnessed both on and off the ice as we learned to love the game over the prize. It was four days full of hope and excitement, and true testament that together we are stronger and hockey is alive and well within Akwesasne.

Special thanks to the coaches and managers for volunteering and dedicating their time and effort in pulling together their teams and supporting them throughout the tournament.

On behalf of all players and teams Niawen Kowa to our sponsors and to everyone who supported our efforts leading up to the tournament, your generosity is greatly appreciated. We are greatful for the support of all including;

The Dream Catcher Fund and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Community Fund

Platinum Sponsors: St Regis Mohawk Tribe, Twin Leaf, Edmond Harden, Dr. Rachel Navaneelan, Seaway Valley GM, CKON Radio and Braves Packaging.

Gold Sponsors: Tarbell Management Group and Dr. Danielle Debuc.

Silver Sponsors: Ohwista Capital Corporation, Play it Again Sports, T19 Sports, Rayco Sports, Akwesasne Sports and Truckstop#9.

Tyke Wolves Team

Diabo, Louie - G

Adams, Dash

Caldwell, Rahesere

Benedict, Otsi

Delormier, Alex

Delormier, Keegan

King, Carter

Cook, Oscar

Oakes Cook Addison

Rourke, Kinley

Smart, Evin

Sunday, Ryder

Thomas , Dayne

Thompson, Drey

Thompson , Greyson

Thompson, Bleyton

Coach: Toby Sunday

Assistant Coach: Craig Delormier

Manager/Trainer: Lani Sunday

The Akwesasne Tyke Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne 20 vs. Wapole Hawks 1

Game 2 Akwesasne 25 vs Nipissing Warriors 0

Game 3 Akwesasne 11 vs Batchawana 3

Game 4 Akwesasne 7 vs Garden River 5

Game 5 Akwesasne 5 vs Six Nations 4

“A” division Champs

Akwesasne Novice Wolves Team 1

Warren Oakes -G

Jaryn Chubb

Paisley Cook

Iostha Herne

Camrin King

Aronhiawaks Rice

Gabrielle Thomas

Kahetaianni Thompson

Richard Thompson

Rianna White

Coach: Aronhiahes Herne

Assistant Coach: Heather Cook

Assistant Coach: Dwayne Thomas

Manager: Maggie King

The Akwesasne Novice Wolves Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne Wolves 2 vs. Six Nations 8

Game 2 Akwesasne Wolves 0 vs Akwesasne Wild 6

Game 3 Akwesasne Wolves 8 vs Nawash Allstars 7 (shoot out)

Game 4 Akwesasne Wolves 1 vs Wiki Hawks 2

Contender for “C” Division Championship

Akwesasne Novice Wild Team 2

Crayton Cree - G

Rylan Adams

Kyden Burns

Austin Cook

Kade Cook

Shakorennawis Doxtator Swamp

Brogan Herne

Jett Jock

Carston Mitchell

Ella Oakes

Trysen Sunday

Fire Swamp

Carey Terrance

Chanel Thompson

Eysten Wylie

Coach: Tom Smart

Assistant Coach: Craig Cree

Assistant Coach: Carey Terrance

Tainer: Ray Jock

Managers: Carlene Cree & Ashley Terrance

The Akwesasne Novice Wild Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne Wild 6 vs. Saugeen Stars 0

Game 2 Akwesasne Wild 6 vs Akwesasne Wolves 0

Game 3 Akwesasne Wild 9 vs M’Chigeeg 0

Game 4 Akwesasne Wild 5 vs Garden River 6

Contender for “A” division Championship

Akwesasne Atom ThrashersTeam

Steeprock, Brennon -G

Adams, Vance

Benedict, Autumn

Benedict, Carter

Benedict, Tsiorahkwase

Chubb, Stone

Cook, Timothy

David, Rorontahkete

Garrow, Rylee

Johnson, Khyler

Oakes, Alex

Oakes, Ryan Jr

Seymour, Alexis

Swamp, Flint

Swamp, Tehokiohkwathe

Thomas, Iateharonhianiharas

Coache: Dan Garrow

Assistant Coach: Owen Benedict

Trainer: Belva Garrow

Managers: Shannon Lazore & April Seymour

The Akwesasne Atom Thrashers Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne 2 vs. Pic River 3 (OT)

Game 2 Akwesasne 2 vs Fort William 4

Game 3 Akwesasne 4 vs Sagamok 3

Game 4 Akwesasne 7 vs Saugeen Stars 4

Game 5 Akwesasne 2 vs Wiki Hawks 0

Game 6 Akwesasne 2 vs Delaware 1

“C” division Champs

Akwesasne Peewee Wolves Team

Jacobs, John Jr. -G

Benedict, Colin

Benedict, Preston

Conners, Kaden

Cook, Jacob

Cook, Jalen

Cree, Colbie

David, Treven

Francis Thompson, Kainen

King, Keldren

Lazore, Ellexia

Mitchell, Memphis

Mitchell, Ranohraiesta

Oakes Coo, Kolten

Terrance, Geena

Thomas, Terrell

Coach: Elliott Lazore

Assistant Coach: Everette Lazore

Assistant Coach: Owen Benedict

Trainer: Wendell Benedict

Manager: Ietsistohkwaroroks Skidders

The Akwesasne Peewee Wolves Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne 5 vs. Delaware Bruins 1

Game 2 Akwesasne 6 vs Aamjiwnaang Hitmen 0

Game 3 Akwesasne 7 vs Rama 1

Game 4 Akwesasne 6 vs Delaware Bruins 4

Game 5 Akwesasne 2 vs Moose Factory 5

Contender for “A” division Championship

Bantam Team

Adams, Drake -G

Benedict, Troi - G

Benedict, Dallas

Chubb, Jay

George, Dawson

Herne, KC

King, Gage

Laffin, Oniehtaseh

McDonald, Karenrons

Mitchell, Nawen

Skidders, Kobe

Sunday, Kyren

Tarbell, Tanner Skwi

Terrance, Justin

Thomas, Bailey

Thomas, Tommy Boy

Thomas, Turner

Thompson, Nonko

Coach: Penny Peters Feldman

Assistant Coach: Jenya Feldman

Assistant Coach: Tony Benedict

Manager: Maggie King

The Akwesasne Bantam Wolves Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne 2 vs. Fort William 4

Game 2 Akwesasne 1 vs Nippissing 5

Game 3 Akwesasne 2 vs Six Nations 0

Game 4 Akwesasne 6 vs Nawash 0

Game 5 Akwesasne 6 vs Hiawatha 2

“C” Division Champs

Akwesasne Midget Wolves Team

Garrow, Cory - G

Adams, Brantley

Benedict, Ivan

Boots, Tyler

Boots, Ronnie

Commins, Aiden

Cole, Nathan

Smoke, Chad

Smoke, Nathan

Thomas, Keegan

Thomas, Quinten

Thomas, Randy

Thomas, Ryan

Thomas, Quinten

Wilson, Quinten

Manager: Bonnie Cole

Coach: Francis Cole

Bantam Wolves, C Division Champs.

Asst. Coach:Dan Garrow

Asst Coach: Jr David

Trainer: Mark Terrance

The Akwesasne Midget Wolves Results:

Game 1 Akwesasne 5 vs Wiki Thunderhawks 1

Game 2 Akwesasne 1 vs Whitefish River 2 (OT)

Game 3 Akwesasne 2 vs Mchigeeng 4

Game 4 Akwesasne 1 vs Wiki Prospects 5

Contender for “C” division championship.


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