By Ian Oakes 

Native Creations Grand Opening a Success!


Native Creations is literally packed floor to ceiling with artists’ work. My lens was not wide enough to capture all there was on display. You really do need to stop in to see the beautiful work on display.

On Saturday, Native Creations held their official grand opening. Offering artwork and goods from some 65 artists, Miranda Martin also offered corn soup and fry bread to anyone who came in. The space is packed with art from local artists, which is great considering they had to move to accommodate all the new material, and by packed I mean there is literally no bare wall space.

Native Creations, which is a cooperative endeavor, is run by volunteers, and is a showcase for local artists, giving people a gallery of sorts to display their work. Miranda Martin, who showed me around, is also an artist in her own right with a piece on the wall, but amidst all the excitement and hard work getting Native Creations set up, she has to make some new artwork to accompany her piece already on the wall. Martin said, “We’re an outlet, and the store becomes whatever Akwesasne makes it. It’s not what I make it, and it grows every day.”

Seemingly every day a new artist comes in with their stuff to be put on consignment, and in the new year martin hopes to host over 80 artists, including musicians.

In the back, I spoke with Filfred Tahey, who talked about getting the youth involved in the stuff he’s doing, through internships and showing them how to run a business, because that way they can “exchange and grow,” he said.


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