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Salmon River Top Shamrocks


Kindergarten Top Shamrocks

Last week the Top Shamrocks in grades Pre-K to 5 at Salmon River were recognized for their hard work for the third and fourth quarters.



February    AM- Aubrey Russell     PM- Kadin Berry

March        AM-Cierra Rust    PM-Kaylie Snyder

April          AM-Aiden Premo    PM-Anna Barnes

May           AM-Cole Stowe          PM- Noah Maneely

June          AM-Nevaeh Weaver     PM-Allyssa Pickering


Mrs. Durant Mrs. Jock

February (friendship)- Angelina Mitchell February – Jasmine Oakes

March (honesty)- Tanner Snyder March – Makenna Manson

April (responsibility)- Rabecca Bennett

April – Adrienne Brill

May – Jaiden Gardner May -Kahontiio Lazore

June – Dorian Griffin June – Brody Conners

Miss Gonyea

February- Jacob Mayer

March- Illeana Smoke-Johnson

April- Carter Johnson

May-Ashley Avery-Durant

June- Ryan Tierney


Mrs. Howard Mrs. Moulton

Feb-Friendship- Hailey Humiston Feb – Wyatt Hyde

March-Honesty-Katharyne Bennett March – Mackenzie Dupra

April-Responsibility-Meadow Cooke April – Kade Herne

May – Chase Lewis May – James Snyder

June-Ryan Bouchey June – Selene Smith

Mrs. Smith

Feb-Caiden Cartier

March – Mitchell Lindley

April – Savanna Foster

May – Matthew Gray

June – Brian Russell


Mrs. Hanna Mr. Larue

February: Lindsay Martin-Friendship Feb - Kendra Tarbell

March: Landon Radcliff-Honesty March - Carson Phillips

April: Breahna Tessier-Responsibility April - Katrina Conners

May: Hayden Clark-Perseverance May – Kyra Benedict

June: Charlotte Bergeron-Respect June – Mia Leroux

Mrs. Miller

Friendship-Taylor Stowe

Honesty-Corbin Murray

Responsibility-Sebastian Anderson

Emma Chapman- perservance

Larry Mitchell- respect


Mrs. Cutler Mrs. Gray

Feb – Gabrielle Wilbur Feb. (friendship) Keira Rousseau March – Savannah Hosler March (honesty) Connor Lewis

April – Brendan Schaeffer April (Responsibility) Emily Healy

May - Jaidyn Harwood May – Xavier Collins

June - Savanah Russell June – Meadow Tarbell

Mrs. Fuller Mrs. Merry

Feb. - Gavin Cook-Avery Feb – Sarah Hosler

Mar. - Jarett Jock March – Samuel Westurn

Apr. - Caydan Lauzon April – John Miller

May - Kadence White May - Nathan Stowe

June - Liberty Wood June – Kierra Morey


Mrs. Alexander Mrs. Ryan

February- Rylie Gray Feb. - Carter Benedict

March - Honestly - Dixee Mitchell Mar. - Secora Oakes

April - Responsibility - Carli Cartier Apr. - Erika Reardon

May - Perseverance  Logan Foster May-Tiarra Anderson

June - Respect - Nolie Thompson June-Charles Leduc

Mrs. Post

Feb.- Friendship- Cady Wells

March- Honesty- Adam Hubbard

April- Responsibility- Reese Conners

May-Timothy Cook

June-Justice Rockhill


Mrs. Vondell

February/Friendship/Trevan David

March/Honesty/Krysten Thompson

April/Responsibility/Chelsie Chamberlain

May – Collin Blair

June – Cameron Jock

Mrs. Forkey

February- Gregory Burdash

March- Jayden Slyman

April- Dylan Fisher

May-Morgan Jock

June-Gina Seward

Mr. Elliot

February-Matasha Mitchell

Grade One Top Shamrocks

March-Tyler Bilow

April-Dillon St. Ann-Spinner

May-Elijah Jacobs

Mrs. Almond

Feb-Curtis White

March-Maya Thompson

April-Robert King

May- Jayden Lazore

June-Skyia Isaac


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