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Kerdy Mitcho is a very diverse artist. He can work with a pencil, airbrush, or guitar. He is also a big supporter of Akwesasne charity and is the founder of the non-profit organization called Red Root Studios. Kerdy is also a St. Lawrence College Alum where he studied Fine Arts and took classes at Iohahiio Adult Education Center in Tsi Snaihne.

As all people have both strengths and weaknesses, Kerdy is a firm believer in the positive outcome of collaboration. He originally started out doing comic type drawings, then paintings, and then was introduced to airbrushing by fellow artist and mentor, Joe Barnes. Having a person like Barnes, who went to school for art, really helped Kerdy broaden his artistic capabilities. It seems he has dabbled in a wide variety of art forms, and while he can do many things, there are some things he prefers not to do, like portraits. He is, however, very interested in creating grand murals for the public.

Artwork for the benefit of the public in the form of murals is something he wants to do, but what he is doing is donating his time and efforts to the Akwesasne Freedom School. Because he is an independent artist, he has great respect for the Akwesasne Freedom School because of their independence in promoting Mohawk language and culture. He has donated numerous paintings for fundraising and for the rest of 2011, 20% of the money he makes from his artwork will be donated to the Akwesasne Freedom School.

The jack-of-all-art-trades and his artwork can be found on and his Facebook page, which is Redrootstudios Nonprofitorganization.


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