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Letter to the Editor,

I found the Indian Time very interesting this past week of June 2, 2011 because of the letters to the editor. I laughed as I read the letters that supported Cecil Garrow. I found this interesting; he is using the method that Randy Hart used to get the folks to vote him into office. These same individuals have tried to get the Constitutional Government in place years back but failed.

Although I see nothing wrong with this government system, mainly because it was how the Iroquois used to have their form of government. But, as we all know, the USA has copied and abused this system. There is no room for ‘free enterprise’ and ‘capitalists’ in the Constitution.

Type the following link into the address bar on your explorer bar and watch this video. or Google: “Russell Means: Welcome to the Reservation”. The Constitution is set up for the people and by the people in the Iroquois use of the Constitution.

Our current Chief Hart tells you he is a businessman and Cecil is saying the same thing. I ask, ‘do we want a government or business ventures?’, and ‘do we want the Constitutional government coming in the back door even though the people voted it out years ago?’

The letter written by William Clute regarding the ETHICS ordinance is the TOOL that will help protect the people from deceitful behavior by our Tribal Council. We have to stop sitting back and allowing our community to rot from the inside out and stop this cancerous behavior for our next generations to come.

Council is still following a flawed Ethics Ordinance (determined at a recent lengthy Tribal Meeting) when they are advertising for a new Ethics Officer. They should be EDUCATING the people about the Ethics Ordinance and its purpose. They should be preparing for a new referendum of the Ethics Ordinance for the people for this tool to protect our people and to keep Tribal Council honest. They should be interested in protecting the community with this ordinance before proceeding into any other endeavor and a new Ethics Officer.

They want to bring jobs to Akwesasne, yet they fail to protect the private enterprises that do bring jobs to our people such as the deteriorating cigarette factories. Tribal Council is failing to do the right thing. We need to demand this protection – that is why we voted them in.

Also Concerned,

Agnes Terrance


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