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Niawen ko:wa


Niawen ko:wa

Sorry it’s taken me a little while to do this ‘Thank You’ but I still haven’t been feeling well. Anyway, I am so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of this community. I have so many people to thank. First of all, my daughter Kelly and my sister Franny, who organized the benefit dance and went out and got the donations. You two are the best and I love you!

Thank you to my family-Aunt Marianne Loran, Aunt Esther, my Mom, Bern & Holly, Dawn, Ace & Karen, Mike, Tira Benedict, Nichelle Loran, Lacey Chubb, ‘Baby Brown’ Lazore, Rose and Mary Ann Jacobs, Kim Loran, Deanie & Maday Sunday, Mel Jacobs, Lucy & Leonard Barnes, Veronica & Mark, Belinda & Mario, Carrie Benedict, Mohawk Council, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, my co-workers at Island Daycare, St. Regis Daycare and Snye Daycare, Paper Dolls Portrait Studio, American Legion Post 1479, Can-Am Vending, 37 West, SD&G Cleaning Supplies, Thompsons Beads and Balloons, Rez Phones, Totem Pole Novelty’s, Village Currency, Ahnawate Corner Store, Knead your dough, J& J Insurance, Franny Cook, Clyde, Kenny and Val Cree, Veronica & Caralee Thompson, Julia White & the Raquette Girls, Shirley Jacobs and Daughters, Boogie Gray, Bubbles Sharrow and Family, Theresa and Eugene David, Bunny Cook, Les and Sally Benedict, Jennifer David, Leona Sunday, Brenda Thompson, Linda Sunday, Emmy Mitchell and Bill Gardner.

The winners of the raffles: 50/50 winner was Kevin “Poison” Sunday; Luck of the Draw Square winner was Gloria Thompson; Huge basket of Cheer was Bunny Cook; Ottawa Sens. Ticket was Olivia Terrance; the Lotto Bunny winners were Alanna Thomas/Nate Arquette; and the winner of the Pool Tourney was Ace Loran.

A very special thank You to Allison and Scoop Chubb, Helen Gray for organizing the pool Tourney, Tony Laughing Jr. and all the bartenders, and the DJ’s: Aaron Terrance and DJ Kidd.

To everyone that attended the dance, bought 50/50 tickets, or a square, or played in the pool tournament…Thank You.

To anyone else who I may have forgotten to mention by name, Thank You.

I will not forget the kindness and generosity you gave to me. I will never forget this. Thanks to all of you.

Lisa Loran Jacobs


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