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Book: The Host

Author: Stephanie Meyer


The article this week is a book that I picked because the author is one that I’ve grown to like. My expectations on this book were met ten fold, as I knew they most likely would be.

In this novel, the world has been taken over by parasites. Their hosts, the humans, take on their bodies and sometimes their personalities. The humans that have been able avert the Seekers, or the people who sought out the rest of the humans, have been found to be harder for the hosts to control. They realized that the humans block out their memories from the hosts, knowing what the parasite could do with the information.  Wanderer, an experienced parasite, is put into the body of a woman named Melanie. One problem about Melanie is…she can talk to Wanderer and block out her memories from her. Soon Melanie and Wanderer begin to form a trust between one another. Wanderer finds that she dislikes the life that she has as a host and betrays her kind by trying to find Melanie’s boyfriend, Jared, and her brother, Jamie. As Melanie and Wanderer go about this journey, Melanie shares more and more of her memories, her parasite feeling the love for the 2 boys that Melanie does. Will they find them? What will they think of Melanie being captured?

This novel is both suspenseful and interesting. It changes reality completely in a believable but unlikely way. I recommend this to both adults and youth. I really enjoyed this book.


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