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Tsi Snaihne School celebrates Winter Carnival instead of Spring Festival


Colton General and Deklen Jacobs use marshmallows and toothpicks to build an igloo.

Since the snow doesn’t seem to want to go away, Tsi Snaihne School decided to change their annual Spring Festival into a Winter Carnival. On the morning of Friday, March 28th, students were placed into groups and went outside to play games involving the snow, ice and cold weather. Some events included a Snowball Relay Race where children had to run across the snow balancing a snowball on the tip of a spoon, Ring the Icicle where students had to toss hoops onto an icicle and a Rabbit Race where students had to take turns hopping like a bunny with their arms up in the air imitating rabbit ears.  Students also enjoyed events inside that celebrated the extra-long winter. They made igloos using mini-marshmallows and toothpicks and had to push a ‘snowball’ (actually a cottonball) along a bench without touching it with their hands. In the middle of the carnival, everyone had a chance to take a break and enjoy a snack of chocolate milk and cookies donated by ACFS.

K4 student Jade Jackson hops around the gym imitating a bunny rabbit.

It seems that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event. Needless to say, the morning fresh air made for some tired children in the afternoon!


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