Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School Honour Roll


Sporting new hairdos!

Honour Roll students at Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School were given a special reward for their hard work, they got to stay late after school, very late.  They didn’t even make the late bus because they were treated to an Exclusive Sleepover Party put on by staff members and the principal.

 As promised to the Honour Roll students, a sleepover party was held on Friday with all kinds of activities.  They were all treated to a big screen movie in the gym, video games were setup in different locations, the computer room was opened for all of the students, crafting projects were made available as well as board games, sports activities were held in the gym, a karaoke machine gave the students a chance to be stars and the girls were treated to a hair and make-up session. (The boys wanted nothing to do with that.)

The entire event was supervised by volunteer staff members and volunteers from the community. Some staff even brought their children to help out.

We would like to give a special thank you to Clarissa Jacobs, Native Student Advisor and teacher Aline Brush who volunteered with the CCVS Hairstyling Students to give the girls the special treatment they deserved.

Thank you to Jennifer Thomas, Elyssa Johnson, Eve Thompson, Kylie Thompson, Amanda Mitchell, Kaylee Jacco, Nia Seymour, Natalie Adams, Amber Lazore, Kay Kay Thompson, Kaylynn Thompson and Amanda Derochie.  Your time here at AMS was greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to Tracy Thompson from the Best Matches program at the Kawehnoke Rec Center.  The students had a great time with the crafts and sculptures and are quite proud of their work.  Volunteers Jessi Cook, Jordan Phillips, Melody Roundpoint and Amber Lazore were a great help in making Friday a special treat for the students, thank you.

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved 80% or above for Term Two, February 29th, 2008

Grade Three Mrs. Jackson

Rachel Benedict

Haley Jacobs

Teiowisontakie Oakes

Cameron Roundpoint

Quinten Roundpoint

Kaytlin Thompson

Kobe Skidders

Grade Three Miss Smyth

Dante David

Drake Adams

Tatyana Papineau

Carlie Lafrance

Chase Thompson

Taylene Hall

Shea Skidders

Grade Four Miss Pilkington

Madison Delormier

Kiana Jacobs-Thompson

Aryanna Jacobs

Aidan Francis-Forgues

Travis Thompson

Amanda Lazore

Tommy Thomas

Lindsay Benedict

Tori Skidders

Grade Four Ms. Stacey

Dominique Cook

Logan Delormier

Jessica Francis

Cherri Jacobs

Keisha Jacobs

Grade Five Miss Brant

Myles Delormier

Brigitte Point-Bissonnette

Tianna Francis-Forgues

Mitchell Roundpoint

Tiarra Square

Grade Five Mrs. Tarbell

Trenton Tarbell


Grade Five Mr. True

Montana Adams

Hannah Cook-Jackson

Taylor Day

Brooke Francis

Morgan Gray

Destiny Thomas

Waverli Thompson

Grade Six Mrs. Cruickshank

Dallas Delormier

Serena Hall

Rachel Jacobs

Kelly Pierce

Miranda David

Grade Six Mrs. Lalonde

Breanne Caldwell

Dalton Roundpoint

Santana Tarbell

Dayna Green

Ariel Lazore

Sporting new hairdos!


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