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Native North American Travelling College's 3rd Annual Tewa:araton Festival


Re-enactment game.

The 3rd annual Tewa:araton Festival took place on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13, 2017 at the Anowarakowa Arena. The festival was initially started in Akwesasne when a leather ball was passed onto the NNATC by the Seneca Nation. The leather ball is basically a symbol of the true meaning of lacrosse, and by accepting to take it, you are promising to educate your people on the sport that the Creator passed down to us. So, when the leather ball was passed on to Akwesasne, the NNATC took on the responsibility to fulfill the promise of educating Akwesasne on the true meaning of lacrosse.

The two day festival, which has taken place at the Anowarakowa Arena for the last three years, is aimed at educating the youth of Akwesasne. This year there were over 300 students who were able to participate in the first day of the festival. During the first day there were several different booths set up for the students to learn and get hands-on with the game of lacrosse. There was a re-enactment game played with a discussion on why the game would have been played. The students were also able to sit down and listen while two separate discussion panels were held.

Swiss cheese booth.

For the rest of the festival the all wooden stick tournament took place. At first there were teams from all the different districts in Akwesasne. During the last day of the festival, and the finals of the tournament, the teams were mixed. So, in the final game the Northern portion of Akwesasne played against the Southern portion. The last and final game was a close one, with the Southern side taking the win. The games were played with all wooden sticks, to help remind the players of the roots of the game. Hopefully they took something from the games that they can bring back to their families.

The Native North American Travelling College did an excellent job pulling off their third Tewa:araton Festival. With more students in attendance this year, there were more youth educated about the true history and meaning of lacrosse. Next year will bring in a new group of children, and more youth and their families will be reached.


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