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The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is informing the community and general public of the proper authorization required for use of MCA lands and properties.

Any occupation or use of MCA buildings, land or properties must be authorized by MCA’s Office of Vital Statistics (for occupancy permits) or MCA’s Justice Department & Conservation Program (for hunting and fishing permits). Unauthorized occupancy of vacant buildings in MCA’s jurisdiction, including the islands, is not permitted. Those entering vacant buildings without permission face the possibility of criminal charges, including trespassing and break & enter, as well as fines.

MCA’s jurisdiction includes many islands such as Thompson Island, Stanley Island and Hamilton Island. Please be advised that only MCA is authorized to provide permission for occupancy of any MCA island, land or property. Any entity separate from MCA claiming to have authorization over the lease and rental of MCA properties or land is in violation of the law and will subject the individual to criminal liabilities and/or fines.

If you have any questions regarding the lease or use of land or properties, please contact MCA at 613-575-2250 or email and your question will be directed to the appropriate department.


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