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10-digit Dialing Mandatory in 315 Area Code Starting Feb. 11


People with 315 area codes will need to dial 10 digits to make a phone call beginning Feb. 11.

Actual phone numbers for people with 315 area codes won’t change, but new phone numbers in the area will be assigned with 680 area code.

Area code 315 stretches from the western side of Wayne County to Little Falls, east to Massena and south to near Cortland.

Nearly all of St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties are in 315. A small part in the southeast of St. Lawrence County is in area code 518. The 518 portion of the county, along with Franklin County, will not be affected by the changes.

On or after Feb. 11, failure to use 10 digits will mean the call won’t be completed. A recording will instruct the caller to hang up and dial again.

Beginning March 11, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers with the 680 area code. Those with a 680 area code must enter the area code and seven-digit phone number on all calls or the call won’t be completed.

Anyone with automatic dialing will need to ensure those numbers include the area code as well or they will no longer work.

Pet owners should include their area code on tags.

Other items that may need to be changed include security and fire alarm systems, security gates, call forward settings, fax machines, internet dial-up numbers and voicemail services.

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