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Students Take On Tower Challenge at Tsi Snaihne School


The Tallest Tower, at 56 cm, was built by Lexi Mitchell, Christi Thompson, Hayden Lazore-Terrance and Phinleigh Jacobs​.

Submitted by Lynda Brown

The students at Tsi Snaihne School spent a recess practicing critical thinking and team building. Grades 1-6 participated in a Tower Building Challenge sponsored by the TSS Student Council. Groups of 2- 4 students worked on building the tallest tower out of drinking straws and tape. Each group had 10 minutes to build a freestanding tower.

Jericho Chrisjohn and Arrow Adams work on their tower.

The following students participated:

Theresa Bush/Roman Cook

Orahkwinon Thompson/ Zachary Oakes Jr.

Jericho Chrisjohn/Arrow Adams

Tia Terrance/Ivori Thompson

Gracelyn Thompson/Brynlee Roundpoint

Audriana Terrance, Haley Mason, Rayiah Ingle

Christi Thompson, Hayden Lazore, Phinleigh Jacobs

Lexi Mitchell

Callyn Ingle/ Lila Arquette/ Sarah Massaro


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