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Eating Healthy in 5 Easy Steps


By Tyler Touchette

The fitness industry loves to complicate everything. There are thousands of diet books and methods to losing weight. The truth is we as people never needed any of these books or ‘self proclaimed gurus’ in the past - so why do we need them now?

We don’t!

What do we need? We need to look in the past and pay attention to what real human beings have done to be and look healthy. It’s not about having 6 pack abs or giant arms. It’s about feeling good and living healthy. Looking good and having toned muscles should only be a by-product of your healthy lifestyle. It should not be the reason for being healthy. Being healthy should be the focus.

The 5 steps:

1. Eat real food: - Apples, chicken, vegetables, nuts and seeds, steak, etc… Real Food. Not boxed garbage. If it’s processed it is never the best option - EVER! This is common sense. Eat real food.

2. Ramp up your metabolism by eating all the time. Eating in the morning, again 2 hours later, and continuing this system all day long will make sure your metabolism is running on all cylinders. Think of a fire… keeping it bright and hot requires you to constantly throw logs on to it. Same thing goes for your metabolism. Eat 5-6 meals a day of real food and watch the magic happen!

3. Drink a ton of water. Yes a ton. Drink water all day long. You need to flush your system of all the toxins that surround you on a daily basis. Make sure your pee is clear. Drink 2 glasses as soon as you wake and do not eat or drink anything else until you have done so and do this each and every day.

4. Eat protein and vegetables every time you eat. That could be in the form of a shake if need be (remember always eat real food when you can or 90% of the time) - vegetables are a no brainer. We all know this. They clean you out and help give you much needed minerals and vitamins that your body NEEDS to function at a high level.

5. Cheat. That’s right I said it. Who doesn’t like bread, pizza, and a beer once in a while. I firmly believe that people who never cheat on their diets need to loosen up. This is not a competition. We are in it to be healthy on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, socially). A cheat meal once or twice a week is something to look forward to and should be ‘no big deal’. The problem is most people indulge and then the wheels fall of all together. They cheat and cheat and cheat. Let’s say 90% of time you are on task and 10% you get a little indulgent. Don’t go crazy either. I said a little.

Let’s keep things simple. Abide by these rules and watch your libido, emotions, mood, work ethic, confidence, energy, etc., etc. improve within a few days.

Yours in health, Tyler

Tyler Touchette is the owner of Caveman Strong in Cornwall. He has worked in Akwesasne and with the people of Akwesasne for 10 years and continues to do so both in his gym, in the schools, and with MCA. He is a lifestyle teacher. He teaches movement for seniors, kids, athletes and everything in between.

You can check him out on Facebook, email him at or attend any of his classes.


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