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Foothills ARTSociety Showcasing Herbi M. Francis, Mohawk Poet, Painter and Photographer


The exhibit featuring the art of Herbi Francis is still open at the Foothills ARTSociety Gallery, located at 213 West Main St in Malone (across from the K-Mart Plaza entrance) and the exhibit can be viewed during gallery hours, Thurs. & Fri. 10-5 and Sat. 10-3.

You have until the end of October to make the short drive to Malone and see this beautiful exhibit.

“Existence” is an exhibition of all that Is, Was and Became.... in the mind of world traveling Mohawk poet, painter and photographer Herbi M. Francis. Having the world as her classroom, Herbi, an Onkwehon:we (original people), is passionate about “all that sustains me and the connectivity to all who participate in the realm of existence.”

Having come from a rich culture and having been submersed into multiculturalism at a young age, Herbi has always felt encouraged, which has honed her desire to roam and has led her across continents wearing many hats, “yet upon my feet, my moccasins remain.” Named as Who’s Who in High School students in 2005, Herbi went on to study at Syracuse University, a year of Women’s Studies. She has served with Habitat for Humanity in Alberta and with Tierra Projects in South Africa. She is a Canada World Youth Alumni, has been an ambassador to Goree, Senegal; and has been a member of PICEI for 16 years.

Having spent the 26 years of her life learning the tools of the trade, first by the side of her father, a true jack of all trades, and as a painter and interior decorator for Highlighting Homes; outdoor decorator with Mother Earth Landscaping, carpenter with Custom Homes; tile and flooring with Tre Tile, Herbi learned to love hard work, the great outdoors and the arts. Amongst it all, a love of photography developed and was deepened by her years of modeling as a teen. She began to understand the angles and lighting behind capturing the human form and this fueled her sense behind the camera.

“My ability to create, not limited by medium, fuels the charge of the soul battery within and enables me to capture the beauty in constant motion and the essence of all being. Through Sweaquity (sweat equity), endurance is built and is my individual notion, to know empathy and accountability and to Live while I the arena of existence. No matter where I wander or how far I roam, I shall always return home. I am a being, a participant, a volunteer of not just my own community, but a local, national and global one.”

“My grandmother’s Mohawk name was Tewaten ni:he, which means ‘always giving’, and she was a true example and embodiment of this. She has passed her basket upon my lap,” says Herbi.

Foothills ARTSociety feels this exhibit is special in many ways. It is a bridge between communities of unique ethnic backgrounds, where both can come together to share and honor Herbi’s talents in the spirit of well being and Existence.

Foothills ARTSociety has expanded its space to host this special installation during the month of October and would like to invite the public to visit and view Existence. The Foothills Gallery is located at 213 West Main St in Malone (across from the K-Mart Plaza entrance) and the exhibit can be viewed during gallery hours, Thurs. & Fri. 10-5 and Sat. 10-3.


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