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Akwesasne's First Community Wide Lawn Sale


Valene Gray wanted to have a simple lawn sale. Within a few days with the help to Facebook and Akwesasne Trade Zone, her sale turned into what will probably be an annual event every August. She hopes local businesses take advantage of the traffic generated from such an event. However unplanned it was, TMG’s 60th Anniversary and the Akwesasne Wide Sale certainly benefitted each other.

By Kaniethonkie

This past weekend was witness to the biggest lawn sale ever in Akwesasne. Over 26 families took part in what is sure to become an annual event. What started out to be a lawn sale advertised over Facebook and Akwesasne Trade Zone, quickly became sales starting at the east end of Akwesasne, down Tarbell Road and Mary Road, through Route 37, including St. Regis Road, White Road, Raquette and Raquette Point. You could find new items with tags on, antique items dated 1906 and everything in-between. There were plenty of clothes, sports equipment, household items and furniture as well.

This was in front of J&J Insurance, an empty parking lot over the weekend turned into a thriving lawn sale.

The Community wide sale took place on Saturday, August 17 and Sunday, August 18, 2013. Valene never thought it would turn into something so big. She just wanted to post her sale on Facebook and it soon grew with others joining in and posting on Akwesasne Trade Zone via Facebook. Akwesasne Trade Zone is similar to eBay but with less hassle and a more direct approach to buying and selling since most posts are local. Within days of her first announcement, families and individuals were joining announcing the time, place and what they had for sale. Gray said, “This is the perfect time for a lawn sale, and next year it should get even bigger. It’s great to see all of this (items for sale) become useful for someone else for a minimal cost. With the state of the economy and so many people having a difficult time making ends meet, this is perfect time to pick up things you need for your home or for the start of the school year. We definitely have plans to do this again next year.”

Many took the opportunity to join other family members to make one big sale, the Kings, Grays, Thompsons, Barnes, and many more families participated enjoying the great weather, the good company stopping in and finding a great bargain.


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