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Allen David Edward Jock Sr.


Allen David Edward Jock Sr. was born March 15, 1941 in Smith Falls, Ontario. He is the son of Elizabeth and Jacques Jock. He has one sister Eileen and a brother Francis, who have both passed on. Allen is a traditional and spiritual Indian; his Mohawk name is Tekahion:hake, which means Two Rivers. He didn’t learn his traditional ways from his parents, but from others in different communities. He settled in Tonawanda for 14 years before coming to Akwesasne in the 1970s. He was married but got divorced and he has two kids Wanda and Allen Jr. In earlier years Allen traveled all over for powwows and other cultural events. Allen calls himself a “jack of all trades” because of his skills in a variety of different crafts. He makes key chains, rattles, shields and those are just some of his many abilities. He makes drums and also loves to play and sing traditional songs with his drums. Allen also speaks a different language other than Mohawk, a native language from out west. He is a gifted storyteller, and loves to influence the younger generation about their native culture. He has said, “I went to the sky world twice, and got sent back,” because he has not served his purpose. Allen is now teaching his knowledge to the younger crowd in hopes of accomplishing his duty on earth. Many people call him a “medicine man” because of his understanding of the different traditional medicines that come from the earth. He is also a known healer, and can heal people who are in need, such as pain. Allen resides in Kanatakon and as an elder is still in good shape, and he is always seen walking. He lives with his common law spouse Kathy; they have been in a loving relationship for 16 years. Allen is a respected and wise onkwehon:we man who is appreciated by many who know him. He hopes to keep our culture alive and strong by passing it on to the younger ones, that way our way of life still has the chance to succeed and grow.


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