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Mohawk Sun Solar Business Opening Friday December 21st 2012


Mohawk Sun located on Cornwall Island in the former Mad Mohawk Kustom building will be having a “soft” opening on Friday, December 21st 2012 @ 9:00a.m.

Mohawk Sun is your only local source for quality solar products as we have become a factory-direct dealer of solar panels manufactured in Welland Ontario by OSM Solar. Mohawk Sun will be offering world-class 250 watt solar panels with both larger and smaller sizes available at the lowest possible prices and tax-free.

We, provide turnkey solar solutions including site analysis, free structural assessments of property for solar systems to first 25 (twenty-five) customers, sizing and design requirements, provide “free” quotes to all customers who purchase, complete solar kits including panels, racking (mounting equipment), invertors ( transfers panel produced DC power to usable AC power), complete and guaranteed installations/commissioning of solar systems by local native certified technicians, ongoing monitoring and maintenance contracts. We, offer three types of installations: off-grid with battery back-up, on- grid to sell power produced to the local electric companies for profit and net-metering, which connects panels directly to homes for use and can spin electric meters backwards when there is excess power produced. We will coordinate with Electrical Safety Authorities and Local Distribution Company to hook up to the grid.

Mohawk Sun has also become a dealer for solar thermal products and micro-wind turbines through T.S Solar Wind Energy Ltd. We will provide the lowest possible prices on domestic solar hot water equipment that can reduce your electric bill upwards of 60%. We offer complete and guaranteed installations by local native certified technicians.

Mohawk Sun also offers micro-wind turbines for household use with many sizes available at the best possible prices. These turbines can be mounted on your roof or ground mount depending on sizing. Mohawk Sun can provide all installations with our certified technicians or sell DIY kits. We will also have in the very near future LED low voltage lighting fixtures for household and commercial use at the best prices and solar furnaces for your household heating needs. Mohawk Sun is your source for renewable Green Energy products.

We, strive to protect and help all people care for Mother Earth. In reducing pollution which is created by fossil fuel power generation, we will provide better air quality for our Seven Generations, the faces yet unseen our generations yet to come!

I look forward to seeing everyone at the “soft” opening on Friday, December 21st at 9am and we are planning for Grand Opening celebrations in the new year.

Come and check us out and enjoy some free refreshments. For more information contact Brian White at 613-662-9131 or 315-766-8266, check out Facebook page Mohawk Sun, also email: Naiwenkowa


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