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Tsiothohrha/December 17, 2012 - The Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education (AMBE) sends out their deepest condolences to the community of Newtown, Connecticut on the incredible loss that they suffered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.

Events such as this touch everyone in the AMBE school community deeply, and our hearts go out to the school staff, students, parents, and community members who are left to deal with such an unspeakable tragedy.

While no school can ever be fully prepared to prevent an incident such as this, the Board Members of AMBE want to assure our parents and guardians that certain measures are in place at each of our schools that are designed to protect our students and staff members,

The AMBE Safe Schools Policy, adopted in 2007 and revised in 2010, details procedures for lock-outs, lock-downs, and emergency evacuations. Each Seskehko:wa/September, the school principals review these procedures with all staff members, and practice drills are scheduled with students throughout the school year.

Each school has an entry-lock system, and every visitor to the school is required to notify the office before they are permitted to enter. The entry system has a camera and microphone that identifies the visitor before the door is unlocked. While this is not a fool-proof system, no one can enter the school without authorization, and it does offer a certain measure of safety and security for both students and staff members.

During a crisis or incident such as this, it is important for parents to check in with their children, to ask them how they’re feeling, and answer any questions that they may have by being open and honest with them. Acknowledge and validate your child’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions, and carefully monitor their exposure to the media, particularly with younger children. The AMBE school counselors and principals will be available all week should any students wish to speak to them and they will monitor for students who may be experiencing anxiety.

While safety measures and drills cannot prevent every incident, it is apparent that the staff and students at Sandy Hook Elementary were trained in these measures, which helped to protect the lives of so many others. Please be assured that every staff member within AMBE understands the great responsibility that we carry in ensuring a safe environment for your children to learn and grow.


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