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I was glad to see the letter from Vaughn Phillips concerning his frustration with Leon’s. I also am frustrated with the customer service I received from Leon’s.  Our children bought a leather double recliner for my husband for his birthday. We loved it, until the handle broke. They came and repaired it, but not right away. It broke a second time. It would take a while before the repairman could come here so they said if we wanted to pick up the part, my husband could probably fix it because they said it’s not hard to fix. I didn’t want to wait, so I did pick it up and my husband fixed it. One day when I moved my recliner I noticed the leather was being cut by the mechanism underneath. They came and picked it up to be repaired. They said about 1 week. Well I called, and called and called week after week and they said the part is coming in from overseas, that’s why it’s taking so long. When I finally got it back I was just so glad it was fixed, at least I thought it was, until the handle snapped on the other side. They came down with the part. Well when we turned over our recliner to fix it, to my surprise they had added boards underneath that weren’t there before. Even the repairman had a hard time replacing the knob because of the boards that were added to hold my recliner together. The guarantee had run out so now we are stuck with a recliner that is cut up underneath and getting worse and the mechanism still doesn’t work right. We even had a comment from an employee of the store that Leon’s should have just given us a new recliner because we had so much trouble with it. We were so frustrated with all the problems we had with this recliner and were told the guarantee ran out so we didn’t even bother. So people beware when you buy from this business, it’s not as good as it’s led to be.

Johanne Jackson


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