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Dear Monica, I build my own computers with used parts from ebay.  I want to learn new geek skills this year, what do you suggest? Geekyish in Akwesasne.

Dear Geekyish in Akwesasne, I think you might enjoy the website.  Your question reminded me of the website because they provide tutorials to show you how to build a computer from scratch.  The website has been around for many years and provides a ton of how-to articles for anyone interested in subjects like: how to troubleshoot a Nexus 7 tablet and research various software processes one might see running on their computers. The website topics focus on the more popular operating systems that I’ve seen used around Akwesasne, which are Windows, Android, and Linux.

If you want to improve your Internet security skills, is an interesting site that provides information and learning resources for Ethical Hacking.  I suggest AstaLaVista because Internet Security skills are in high demand and the holiday season is a great time to learn new skills for your future goals and possibly earning professional certifications for your skills. It’s always a good idea to learn how to protect your computers and networks if you enjoy using the Internet to do research, work, learn and communicate with others.


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