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By Ian Oakes 

Lt. Dan’s Open for Business


Dan Thompson stands with his wares.

Lt. Dan’s had its grand re-opening on Friday, August 31. Now Lt. Dan’s is located in a new building, right next to the pawn shop in Hogansburg. Open from 3-8pm, you can find all the camouflage gear you need. Camouflage gear is not all you will find at Lt. Dan’s – no, not by a long shot.

Note the tiny cannon, front and center.

Once inside, you will notice a varied assortment of knives, camping and hunting gear, also movie memorabilia and antiques. A few standouts are the Freddy Kreuger glove, a centurion helmet and sword, and a real operational cannon - albeit a tiny one. Sleeping bags and other surplus, paintball supplies, and did I mention knives, because there is a lot of them. All joking aside, Lt. Dan’s is a well stocked store that can provide all you might need to survive a zombie holocaust. Well, except maybe guns and ammo, but nearly everything else. Gypsy slingshots, and decommissioned hand grenades, pink camouflage clothing and accessories are among some of the other wares you will find in this veritable treasure trove of fun stuff.

The move to the new location was prompted by the price of rent being so high at the old location, it was killing them. At the end of every month there was nothing left. Now in a much more reasonable location, they are back and better than ever.

 Lt. Dan’s Owner Dan Thompson said to “check out our selection of hunting, camping gear, and camouflage.” So drop in and see what’s new at Lt. Dan’s, there’s lots more than camouflage.


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